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A New Venture/Area of Work

I am excited to inform you of a new venture/area of work.

I have joined with my friend and colleague Alyson Quinn to run Trauma-Informed Practice Training workshops. These workshops have run approximately monthly for the past year and  have included a wide range of professionals including counsellors, counselling students, social workers, teachers and teacher counsellors, naturopaths, hypnotherapists, music therapists, police, child care workers, those working with children experiencing learning difficulties, lawyers, nurses, students from a wide range of professions, and individuals wanting to understand their own trauma. The workshop has also attracted many parents looking for ways to understand and interact more sensitively with their children.


Alyson has been an Adjunct professor at UBC’s School of Social work for seven years and will be teaching at UBC this year in the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology. She has been a counsellor for 30 years specializing in group therapy, trauma therapy, and conflict resolution She has been running the trauma workshops for the past year and received outstanding reviews.

Testimonials from the workshop participants


  • "I felt it was most helpful to witness Alyson applying the strategies directly, by working with a volunteer from the class. It made the material relevant and engaging."


  • "I enjoyed the workshop very much. I used the concepts learned the day after, and the positive results were immediate.”


I provide solutions for several types of challenges faced by parents, teachers and professionals.

Get in touch and we can start talking about how to get you on the path to calmer, easier, happier parenting.

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"Suzanne’s Calmer, Happier Parenting workshop exceeded our expectations. Her insight and effectiveness while warmly and empathetically listening and responding to the young parents questions was evident by their responses and desire to request more time and sessions with her.

Judi Brown, M.Ed
Coordinator, JCCGV Parent & Family Centre


Suzanne Ferera has been an invaluable asset in working with our staff to help them improve the learning environment for our students by using positive classroom management strategies that improve student cooperation.

Russ Klein

Head of King David High School, Vancouver

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