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Calm and successful parenting is possible!

Are you looking to improve or change your parenting? I can help!


This Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting approach includes simple and effective techniques that make your kids want to listen to you and to do what you need them to do without having to remind, repeat or yell. When you use these positive and practical parenting strategies, your child’s behavior will improve and family life will become calmer, easier and happier.


Working with me, you can learn how to:

  • Deal with all aspects of bringing up children, in a simple, step by-step, practical and achievable way;

  • Cope with tantrums, sibling rivalry and non-cooperation;

  • Talk to your children in ways that will motivate them to cooperate; and

  • Use alternatives to punishment.


Children learn to become cooperative and self-reliant, and parents learn that there is an alternative to nagging, shouting or threatening. Family life becomes more harmonious and parents and children learn to enjoy each other more.

Every parent finds it a relief to know that parenting is something that can be learned, and the skills involved can be put into practice straight away. Once these skills are mastered, the whole family benefits.


I provide solutions for several types of challenges faced by parents, teachers and professionals.

Get in touch and we can start talking about how to get you on the path to calmer, easier, happier parenting.

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"Suzanne’s Calmer, Happier Parenting workshop exceeded our expectations. Her insight and effectiveness while warmly and empathetically listening and responding to the young parents questions was evident by their responses and desire to request more time and sessions with her.

Judi Brown, M.Ed
Coordinator, JCCGV Parent & Family Centre


Suzanne Ferera has been an invaluable asset in working with our staff to help them improve the learning environment for our students by using positive classroom management strategies that improve student cooperation.

Russ Klein

Head of King David High School, Vancouver

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